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MRS. L. Sweety Irin, D.T.Ed, M.SC., B.Ed


She has been in educational leadership position for past twelve years. She is a highly self motivated, efficient, sincere, hardworking, honest, well determined, result-oriented, patient, ambitious and pious administrator with deep academic orientation and strong commitment to the noble case of education.

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Principal’s Message

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” —Aristotle.

Welcome to Tiruchy Public school, where education means all round development of the child. This is a school that has mission to make each child achieve his or her best.
It is our daily goal to lead our students to experience the excitement of learning. We teach our students strong values along with asset of wings which may carry them far and wide. In other words, Our students are equipped to face challenges of the rapidly changing world.
Can we say Encouraging, Stimulating, Promoting and Providing are creative methods?
Would this enable us ‘Read’ and ‘Lead’ our students?
Our response is Yes.
We believe ‘Learning is a treasure” that accompanies its owner everywhere. Hence we take advantage of every opportunity to increase the knowledge and skills of our students.
The floor of Tiruchy Public School will cater nurture and work with the students natural talent until it graduates into excellence. With a little bit of attention we assure that even a silent student would make a loudest impression.
We are not here by chance - It was our choice.
Moments made complete in Tiruchy Public School.